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The Happy Plaice will supply you with a business plan template which enables you to calculate your expected earnings over the first three years. The table below showing a projection based on a typical first year.

The rewards for hardworking franchisees are considerable. It is possible to expand from a single van to the control of a multi location business. Earnings are within the direct control of the individual. A Happy Plaice franchisee operating in their first year can achieve annual sales of over £100,000 with a gross profit margin of 65%. Second year earnings can exceed this. However, franchisees are self employed and success cannot be guaranteed - the input of the individual is always the deciding factor.

Unlike many other franchises we do not ask for a percentage of your takings. If you increase your takings due to operating additional functions, evenings or lunchtimes we feel you should benefit 100% from these efforts. We simply charge a fixed weekly fee of £125 plus VAT to cover the on going support and benefits. You will gain the benefits of our group buying of food and consumables to ensure your costs are kept low and your gross profit up!

Note: For illustration only. Earnings are dependant on each franchisee's effort and commitment.